May 24, 2018

Grant to Support Development of Stable Governance Structure for arXiv Scientific Repository


Cornell University Library won a $60,000 grant on October 25 from the New York City-based Simons Foundation to support the development of a governance model for arXiv, a free scientific repository maintained by the library. The work on the model has already begun and will continue through April 2012.

arXiv, which allows scientists to share their research before publication, now has 700,000 “preprint” articles, a million downloads a week and hundreds of thousands of contributors, according to a library press release.

The grant supports multiple goals, including the refining of operating principles and fee and governance models. It also will help establish a governing board that reflects the financial contribution levels of major stakeholders.

“This is a critical step in the transition to a self-sustaining funding model,” said Oya Rieger, Associate University Librarian for Digital Scholarship Services, in the press release. “Ensuring the future of arXiv through a stable, transparent and collaborative governance structure is one of the Library’s primary goals, and the Simons Foundation is helping us make great strides toward that goal.”

In January 2010, the library launched a sustainability initiative to transition to a more collaborative model and away from single-institution support borne by Cornell. So far this year, 129 institutions in 16 countries have pledged support, totaling $382,000, according to the library press release.

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Michael Kelley is the former Editor-in-Chief, Library Journal.