April 19, 2018

Boston University Libraries Pushing Forward With Alma Platform

Roger Brisson, the head of metadata services at Boston University  (BU) Libraries, has been deeply immersed in the cloud-based library services platform Alma from Ex Libris for the better part of two years. BU went live with Alma in November, one of the early adopters, and Brisson, as part of the ALA Midwinter Conference, explained […]

EBSCO Focuses on Discovery and Partnerships

In recent months, EBSCO Publishing has been deepening and extending partnerships with major vendors of library management systems around the world so that it can remain focused on what it considers a core competency—discovery. To that end, the company is planning in 2013 to implement ILS integrations (first announced in June 2012) with OCLC, SirsiDynix, […]

Top Ebook Distributors, ILS Vendors to Have Sitdown With ReadersFirst Library Coalition

The top distributors of ebooks to public libraries along with some of their counterparts among ILS vendors are going to sit down with leading librarians from the U.S. and Canada at the end of this month to discuss how the technology and business model for electronic lending should develop.

The January 28 gathering at the Seattle Public Library will coincide with the Midwinter meeting of the American Library Association, although the roundtable discussion is not part of the conference.

Random House Says Libraries Own Their Ebooks | LJ Insider

The company has said it before but our librarians paying attention to what it could possibly mean?

Stakeholders Strive to Define Standards for Web-Scale Discovery Systems

There is great hope that these rapidly maturing discovery products will not only promote information literacy strategies but also deliver what metasearch (or federated search) has failed to achieve—a Google-like interface that provides a fast, single point of entry to an institution’s relevant and vetted scholarly content. However, at the moment, even as libraries are struggling to reestablish themselves as a compelling place to start research, the three constituencies—libraries, content providers, and discovery service vendors—cannot even agree on a common vocabulary to describe what they do.

Ebook Strategy and Public Libraries: Slow Just Won’t Work Anymore

The CEO of Ohio’s Columbus Metropolitan Library urges public libraries to overhaul their passive ebook strategy and champion business models that also serve the public’s interests.

Internet Archive’s Peter Brantley Urges Librarians to More Actively Reshape the Digital Landscape | ALA Annual 2012

The Internet Archive’s Peter Brantley made a cogent and precise presentation at the American Library Association conference this week that urged the librarian community to do a better job at directing the multitude of conversations that ultimately affect how and what libraries can do with digital content.

Califa Lands $325,000 in Funding for Ebook Ownership Project; Deal Close With Smashwords

The San Mateo-based Califa Group, which is the largest library network in California, has made major strides in its project to create an ebook ownership model along the same lines as the Douglas County Libraries in Colorado.

Google Debuts New Service for Libraries at ALA Conference | ALA Annual 2012

The Internet giant takes a small table and pitches a free map service.