April 22, 2015

New LJ Report Closely Examines What Makes Academic Library Patrons Tick

Library Journal Patron Profiles: Academic Library Edition delivers an inside look at the shifting needs and preferences of academic library users in the context of changing times and new technologies.

Academic eBooks and the User Experience

With the increased availability of books in electronic format and libraries’ move from the just-in-case to the just-in-time delivery model and from a storage facility to a collaboration center, it’s no wonder academic libraries have been shifting toward purchasing eBooks over paper copies. Like the transition from print to electronic serials, this transition comes with […]

University of Pittsburgh First Adopter of Plum Analytics for Research Output


Plum Analytics—the altmetrics startup that aims to assess the real-time impact of academic research using sources ranging from Twitter, social networks, and presentation sharing sites to code source repositories and grant funding data—has announced that the University of Pittsburgh Library System (ULS) has become the first to use the company as a provider of aggregated open metrics for the university’s research output.

Edanz Launches Online Journal Selector


Edanz Group, a Beijing-based company that provides English language editing and support services for the worldwide scientific community, has launched a free, online Journal Selector tool aimed at helping scientists and academic researchers find the most appropriate outlets for their articles. The tool is also available as a free widget that can be placed on the websites of interested research libraries.

Ebrary Debuts Integrated Approach to Ebook Acquisition

ebrary integrated ebook acquisition

Ebrary today announced a three-step approach to ebook acquisition for libraries.  The steps involve libraries transitioning a greater percentage of their budgets from print to electronic, diversifying acquisition models, and streamlining order processes. Acquisition models include subscriptions, such as to the 71,500 volume Academic Complete or the 27,000+ Public Complete collection; patron-driven acquisition, in which […]

Highlights of Highpoint (Public and University Library)

The morning after Charlotte we drove over to Highpoint and visited both the University and Public Libraries. We took way too many videos than we could ever have time to edit and publish but these are some of our favorites. High Point Public library This library has a great teen space called the Teen Garage. […]

Michael Lambert, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, and SMCL

I (PC Sweeney) Interviewed my new deputy director who just happens to come from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.  Before going to Charlotte, he worked in San Mateo County Library as the manager of the library branch that I am now the manager of.  He spent about 5 years in Charlotte so he knows all about […]

Academics Object to Class Certification in Google Books Case

University of California, Berkeley, law professor Pamela Samuelson, on behalf of more than 80 academics, sent a letter on Monday to Judge Denny Chin asserting that academic authors should not be included as part of a class authorization in the high profile Google Books case, due to fundamental disagreements between the interests of academics and other types of authors.

Serials Solutions’ Intota Library Management System in Development

During the recent American Library Association Midwinter Meeting in Dallas, ProQuest unit Serials Solutions released the name of its in-development library management system: Intota. The system, set to be completed next year, aims to provide a unified, web-based tool for libraries to manage selection, acquisition, cataloging, discovery, and fulfillment for both print and electronic content.

California Digital Library Partners with Public Knowledge Project on Open-Access Software Development

The California Digital Library (CDL) on February 7 announced a “major development partnership,” on behalf of the University of California system, with the Public Knowledge Project to help develop its open-source software suite aimed at easing open-access journal publication. The CDL announcement comes as discussion of open access issues is resurging across academia.