February 7, 2023

Mr. Schu’s Road Trip: Via Tweet, Video Blog, and Pinterest

“I love the idea of showing my students I’m a reader out in the wild,” says John Schumacher. The school library director at Brook Forest School in Oak Brook, IL, uses various means to document his annual road trip to the delight of his students, not to mention the greater social sphere.

Librarians, School and Public, Tap the Best in Kids’ Apps | ALA Annual 2012

Talking apps at ALA: Gretchen Caserotti, Amy Graves, Travis Jonker, and John Schumacher hosted a session on using apps with kids in the context of library services, both in public libraries and schools.

Early Newbery Winners Pose a Challenge to Nerdbery Participants

“The early books are really, really rough,” says school librarian John Schumacher, who helped launch the online Nerdbery Challenge. “They’re completely dreadful. They’re really long. They’re just not very good.”