January 29, 2022

Steal This Infographic: Librarians as Tech Leaders

Librarians are leading the way in technology use, according to School Library Journal’s annual technology survey. SLJ’s got the proof, and we encourage you to share it.

Alternative Search Tools: These options to Google will help students become better researchers

Cool Tools columnist Richard Byrne presents some free options for research that don’t require a login, along with a few quick tips to aid student searches.

SLJ Cover Sneak Peek: November 2012

Hot off the presses: School Library Journal’s cover. This month we’re featuring the findings from our recent technology survey.

Boys Value Reading More with Ereaders

Middle school boys rated reading more valuable as an activity after two months of using an ereader, according to a study by researchers from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Ebooks Trump Print—Except When It Comes to Reading to Kids

People seeking quick access and portability prefer ebooks, according to a national study on ereading released today by Pew. But when it comes to reading to children, print wins out—big time.

Bowker Launches International Ebook Survey

Bowker, a book market research firm, announced today, October 12, at the Frankfurt Book Fair, that it was launching a massive, international study of e-book adoption and consumption habits.

The study will begin in January 2012 and repeat annually, allowing comparisons between e-book markets in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North and South America, all of which are experiencing different growth patterns.