March 29, 2023

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: Rich Rosy, Ingram Library Services

As part of our preparation for the Ebook Summit, The Digital Shift is featuring a series of interviews with leaders from major ebook vendors in the library space.

This week we talk with Rich Rosy, Vice President & General Manager, Ingram Library Services, an Ingram Content Group Company.

1. How long do you think it will take for libraries’ ebook collections to outpace print book collections? (If ever…)

While digital adoption continues its dramatic climb in the industry overall, e-books and other digital content is currently still a very small, but growing percentage, of a library’s total material spending. E-book acquisition, access, and various DRM and delivery solutions are still being tested and new players continue to enter the mix which adds another layer of confusion to the digital content and delivery space.  Over time, the digital landscape will become easier to navigate and leaders and standard formats will emerge as libraries and publishers work together to reach common ground. As the digital landscape fleshes out, working with an experienced partner that has both print and digital content and distribution expertise would be advantageous.

2. What role do you foresee for libraries in the digital book world?

Libraries certainly have a role as digital adoption continues to proliferate. Technology has made it easier than ever for more content to reach mainstream readers. Libraries will vet all content as to its relevance to their patrons in addition to weeding through all that will be available from many sources on a variety of platforms and devices.  Libraries will be heavily involved in determining the digital models that will survive and how content is used now and in the future.

3. What do you predict will be the next big disruption/innovation to impact the e-book landscape? (Give it your best shot…)

Disruption and innovation are already here. In the industry there are various models that suit different purposes and circumstances, and each provides a different kind of value for libraries. Libraries must develop the right models and collaborate with the right partners to be able to deliver content to their patrons in the correct formats on the devices of choice.

4. How does your company’s digital strategy reflect these understandings?

The e-book market continues to grow substantially and is poised for future growth both domestically and internationally.  Recognizing the digital trends long ago, Ingram Content Group invested in, and built a full suite of comprehensive services for the digital age. Working collaboratively with publishers, retailers and libraries, we are very actively involved in the creation of the future of digital for libraries.

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