March 28, 2023

Link: Netflix and Libraries: You Are What “Your Users” Think You Are, Not What You Think You Are – Library Hat

Be sure to check out this thoughtful post by Bohyun Kim, Digital  Access Librarian at Florida International Univiverity Medical Library, Miami (FL).

Lots to consider.

Here’s a sample:

…(L)et’s talk about how this (Netflix) applies to libraries, particularly the e-resources with which all of us, librarians and users alike, have the love-hate relationship. E-resources are kind of like streaming movies…

We separated print resources and e-resources because ‘clearly’ they are completely different beasts. Are they so separate and distinct to users’ mind? Not so much. But we separate them for the efficiency of ‘our’ operation. Users pay by being forced to take an additional step. Probably a decision as bad as Netflix and Qwikster.”

Do you agree?

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