August 14, 2022


  1. Library Cataloger says:

    “Tom Jacobson, director of resource sharing for SkyRiver parent Innovative Interfaces Inc., agrees. “It’s a lot different from the old days when you took a book out of the [shipping] box and cataloged it. Here, you’re buying 10,000 ebooks and they’re instantly available. Why can’t we get them instantly cataloged?””

    @Tom Jacobson – Because then I would be out of a job.

  2. Why would anyone use BISAC? They are awful headings! The fact that publishers use them almost feels a bit passive aggressive.

    • Publishers use BISAC because BISAC categories are tuned to the needs of booksellers and book wholesalers, who constitute nearly the entire book marketplace.

  3. Re the sidebar “Hitting the eBook MARC” our consortium has continued to use the more expensive and admittedly slower MARC records from OCLC for the following reasons:

    When we contacted eBiblioFile (in August 2012), they told us that 15-20% of records delivered would be minimal (no subject headings, etc.), and that there is no provision for upgrading minimal records to full records at a later time. Our cataloging staff felt that was too high a percentage to deal with. If their fulfillment rate has improved in the meantime, no one has informed us.

    After reading this article, I contacted OverDrive and was told that they have no arrangement with SkyRiver to provide MARC records for OverDrive titles at this time. Which means there is no automated process in place for receiving records from SkyRiver and someone would presumably have to collect new purchase title lists manually, and send them to SkyRiver.

    In my view, the picture presented in the sidebar is overly optimistic regarding the use of these alternative sources of MARC records for OverDrive materials. It would be helpful to include information on the negative as well as the positive aspects of using these sources!