August 14, 2022

Librarian-Publisher Dialog: Jim Carmin Talks to Dennis Johnson of Melville House

Check out this newest entry in a continuing series of Librarian-Publisher dialogs from Library Journal: You can accuse the publishing industry of many things, but just don’t call it boring. Developments like Amazon’s purported ebook loaning library leave many collection development professionals feeling winded and powerless. Our new Librarian-Publisher Dialog series aspires to reduce that angst by […]

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: Cynthia Sanner & Erin Sullivan, GALE Cengage Learning

cynthia sanner

As more books go digital, librarians will occupy more of the training and coaching role. Today’s librarian will need to excel at training users on how to use databases, eReaders, tablets and mobile.

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: John Williams, Follett Library Resources & BWI

The management of digital resources requires a selection and evaluation process by a professional who’s involved with integrating technology into teaching and learning. We see examples of this change underway in lots of libraries today.

Librarian-Publisher Dialog: Katie Dunneback Talks to Josh Marwell of HarperCollins

To his credit, Marwell has made himself highly visible at regional and national conventions in the wake of the 26 loan cap announcement (he was also the only publisher to respond to Francine Fialkoff and Brian Kenney’s editorial last fall about ebooks in libraries).

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: George Coe, Baker & Taylor

The materials may evolve, and the design and use of physical space in the buildings may shift, but the central role of libraries doesn’t change. Libraries democratize access to information and entertainment, and provide the spaces for both individual pursuit and community engagement.


Over the years the Homer, Bart, Lisa and the denizens of Springfield have reflected our own evolving relationship with the now ubiquitous Apple brand and the cultural (or do I mean ‘digital’?) shift wrought by Woz and Steve in that humble Palo Alto garage.

Link: Most Downloaded Books from the Library for August 2011 via OverDrive

Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy novels took over the top spots on the adult fiction eBook and audiobook lists in July, with “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” remaining the most downloaded digital book on OverDrive-powered library websites.

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: Tom Mercer, 3M

3M's Tom Mercer

The challenge of a digital world is how to connect a patron’s needs and interests with the right digital information. Libraries will play a vital role in showing people books the wide variety of books and authors that are available. Without variety we could becomes a nation of books only read from a top 10 list.

Publisher-Librarian Dialog | Natural allies in the book world

While the American Library Association (ALA) appoints task forces on ebooks that get mired in bureaucracy, the real worlds of book publishing and libraries move ahead rapidly, both struggling with budgets, changing mission, even survival.

LINK: DBW Insights: Brian Murray, CEO of HarperCollins

(W)e’re trying to balance the needs of all of our stakeholders. So librarians and their patrons are stakeholders, as are authors, and as are booksellers. As this business transitions from physical to digital, it’s forcing us to think about different business models and try to make sure that all of those stakeholders have a role to play in the future.