December 7, 2022

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Josh Hadro (; @hadro on Twitter) is Executive Editor of Library Journal.

Libraries Jumping on the Augmented Reality Bandwagon

One fascinating surprise of the Roadshow: more libraries are jumping on the augmented reality bandwagon than I previously suspected.

Data-Driven Libraries from Charlotte to Richmond: Roadshow Travelog #2

In libraries, it’s not about the banality of “doing more with less,” but facing the reality. As I wrote about previously, Charlotte Mecklenburg has been working hard to refocus their efforts following the budget hardships of the past few years. And as with many libraries, Singleton and his staff have sought to bolster these renewed […]

Building a Better Programming Widget and Job Center Stats: Great Library Roadshow Travelog #1, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

After meeting at the Charlotte Airport in the morning, we headed straight to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (CML) for our first stop in to chat with librarians and a number of users.

Essential Apps and Services for the Great Library Roadshow

I’ve been doing some app and technology recon in the weeks leading up to the official start tomorrow, and below you’ll see just a few annotations of the tools I’ve found most useful, and others that are old standbys that I make frequent use of during my travels.

Official Itinerary for the Great Library Roadshow

We have our itinerary set — see below for the official stops we’ve got lined up for the Great Library Roadshow, where we’ll be taking a break from the road to chat with librarians and users. Hello Charlotte, High Point, Richmond, Baltimore, Newark, and Philly!

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See all the posts from the Great Library Roadshow and updates from the Travelers as they make their way from Charlotte, NC, to Philadelphia, PA.

Announcing The Great Library Roadshow: Seeking the Intersection of Innovation and Community

I am very excited to announce a trip that’s been in the works for a few weeks now, which we’ve modestly dubbed The Great Library Roadshow. Along with Library Journal, this excellent experiment is being cosponsored by OCLC in celebration of WorldShare. The basics: two of my esteemed librarian colleagues and friends — Lisa Carlucci Thomas and Patrick “PC” Sweeney — and I will be traveling from Charlotte, NC, to Philadelphia, PA, blogging, vlogging, and tweeting our way to as many libraries as we can handle looking for innovative apps, platforms, and services.

Link: Go To Hellman: What’s a Book Worth?

Imagine you’re an author of a book that was published a few years ago, but you’ve retained ebook rights. Someone wants to be able to give away digital copies of the book for free to an unlimited number of readers. What sort of fee should you demand?

LJ: New Statistics Model for Book Industry Shows Trade Ebook Sales Grew Over 1,000 Percent

A new annual survey of the total U.S. book publishing industry released today shows growing revenue and, even without numbers from 2011, exponential ebook sales.