November 30, 2022

Baker & Taylor Partners with Findaway World to Offer Library Audiobooks

Baker & Taylor and Findaway World LLC will partner to launch a digital audiobook platform for public libraries and retailers later this year, the companies announced April 10. Findaway is the creator of Playaway and Playaway View, preloaded audio and video devices, and in 2012 followed up with the creation of Catalist Digital, a new […]

Update: Justice Files Agency Pricing Suit; Three Publishers Settle

This article has been updated to include information on the state lawsuits and Canadian, publisher statements, and links to the proposed settlement and competitive impact statement, courtesy of Infodocket. The Department of Justice today filed its antitrust suit against Apple, Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin and Simon & Schuster over the agency model of ebook pricing. […]

The Truth About Tablets: Educators are getting iPads and ereaders into students’ hands—but it’s not easy

When it comes to using ereaders and tablets in school, librarians will tell you “it’s complicated.”

Apple Launches Textbooks, Digital Publishing Tools

In a move to turn textbook publishing on its ear, Apple today launched ebook creation app iBooks Author, and iBooks 2, an app supporting iBooks textbooks for the iPad.

Lawsuits, Investigations of Ebook Pricing Proliferate and Consolidate

Apple Inc. and the Big Six publishers are facing a widening array of investigations and lawsuits that allege they conspired to illegally fix ebook pricing in an effort to undermine Amazon’s competitive edge.


Over the years the Homer, Bart, Lisa and the denizens of Springfield have reflected our own evolving relationship with the now ubiquitous Apple brand and the cultural (or do I mean ‘digital’?) shift wrought by Woz and Steve in that humble Palo Alto garage.