November 29, 2023

John Green Tackles Copyright Via YouTube

Copyright law is complex enough, but throw in an instance of international remixing by nerdfighters, and you have a real mess. But in the hands of author John Green, it’s also the basis for a pretty cool video.

Renee Hobbs Seeks Change in Law to Allow Teachers to Copy DVDs for Class Use

Showing a movie in K–12 schools isn’t as easy as loading a clip and pushing “play.” That’s because these educators can’t legally make copies from commercial DVDs—even for educational use.

On the Front Lines of Ethical Use: Librarians didn’t need ACTA to tackle copyright issues, they’re already there

Librarians are schooling students on the nuances of copyright, piracy, and good digital citizenship. That’s difficult when kids get conflicting messages.

SOPA Is Top Story for Young People

Young people under 30 followed protests over SOPA more closely than news about the upcoming presidential election, according to a recent Pew Research Center study.