December 7, 2022

Internet Archive’s Peter Brantley Urges Librarians to More Actively Reshape the Digital Landscape | ALA Annual 2012

The Internet Archive’s Peter Brantley made a cogent and precise presentation at the American Library Association conference this week that urged the librarian community to do a better job at directing the multitude of conversations that ultimately affect how and what libraries can do with digital content.

Ebook Crowdfunding Platform Launched, the crowdfunding platform designed to encourage authors and publishers to make their ebooks available under a Creative Commons license, was officially launched on May 17, featuring campaigns for books from Michael Laser, Joseph Nassise, Nancy Rawles, Budding Reader, and Open Book Publishers.

Retail DRM Is an Apple. Library DRM Is an Orange.

DRM will remain an integral part of the library lending workflow for the foreseeable future. What a publisher decides to do with DRM on the retail side does not necessarily correlate to anything they will do with DRM on the library side.

Renee Hobbs Seeks Change in Law to Allow Teachers to Copy DVDs for Class Use

Showing a movie in K–12 schools isn’t as easy as loading a clip and pushing “play.” That’s because these educators can’t legally make copies from commercial DVDs—even for educational use.

14,000 DRM-Free Project MUSE Ebooks To Go Live in January

Project MUSE recently announced details about its new ebook collections, including more than 14,000 titles from 66 university presses and scholarly publishers, which are available to order now but won’t be made accessible until January 1, 2012.

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: Rich Rosy, Ingram Library Services

Libraries must develop the right models and collaborate with the right partners to be able to deliver content to their patrons in the correct formats on the devices of choice.