November 28, 2022

Libraries on Google+

Google’s popular social networking site, Google+, was launched in June of this year, and has since built up a membership of more than 40 million users. But only earlier this month did Google begin allowing organizations, and not just individuals, to create their own pages on the site.

Link: The Rise of the Zuckerverb: The New Language of Facebook

“When we started,” Zuckerberg explained, “the vocabulary was really limited. You could only express a small number of things, like who you were friends with. Then last year, when we introduced the Open Graph, we added nouns, so you could like anything that you wanted.”

Link: Privacy advocates want Facebook probed on recent changes

he group’s complaints about Facebook’s adoption of frictionless sharing for some applications and the start of Timeline, an updated profile that makes a user’s entire history on the site easily viewable at once, reveal a fundamental divide on the nature of sharing data online.