July 27, 2021

GBS: Google Wins Stay From U.S. Appeals Court on E-Books Case

From Bloomberg: Google Inc. (won a bid to delay a copyright lawsuit by the Authors Guild of America over the company’s plans to digitally scan millions of books while it appeals a decision that allows the plaintiffs to sue as a class. U.S. Circuit Judge Raymond Lohier of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan […]

Google Allowed to Appeal Class Action Status of Authors Guild Case

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will allow Google to appeal the class action status of the seven-year old Google Inc. v. Authors Guild case, the court announced in an order this morning. Decertifying the case would force Author’s Guild members who dispute the digitization of their works to sue Google individually. Google has argued that many authors have benefited economically from its Google Books project, and whether a scan violated copyright or was protected under fair use doctrine should be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Joyce Valenza’s Picks: Back-to-School Edition

From a new 4-D storytelling software program to the creation of a maker space in her own library, Joyce Valenza has had a busy summer. Catch up on all the tips from a season’s worth of content at her SLJ blog NeverEndingSearch.

Google Seeks Dismissal of Authors Guild Case [UPDATED]

Arguing that authors have suffered no economic harm from the scanning of more than 15 million books, Google on Friday filed a motion seeking the dismissal of the long-running Authors Guild v. Google case. The motion states that the digitized books, and the Google Books service that they enable, are “not a substitute for the [physical] books themselves—readers still must buy a book from a store or borrow it from a library to read it. Rather, Google Books is an important advance on the card-catalogue method of finding books,” that allows full-text searching.

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Kansas City librarians and other officials are in a unique position to potentially transform the public libraries and schools into even greater digital education hubs in the near future, with a little help from a new Google high speed digital Internet servic

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