July 28, 2021

Ebook Collections: Two Stories

As the use of digital content grows in schools, school librarians are making decisions on how to best acquire this material. In some cases, they’re choosing to spend money on ereaders and lean toward free content. Others are leveraging the personal devices of students and teachers and putting their funds into subscription-based models. But the goal is the same—to grant students and educators access to digital content.

Principal Eric Sheninger on Leadership 2.0

The principal of New Milford High School in Bergen County, Sheninger employs a full range of social media, from Twitter to Facebook, to foster “six pillars” of leadership, from professional development to communication, broadcasting in real time everything from sports scores to campus news across the entire school community.

LJ/SLJ Ebook Summit 2011: “Don’t Buy Ebooks”

The way forward remains unclear for public libraries regarding new-release fiction in ebook form. School libraries, on the other hand, are lucky to have an amazing group of independent publishers working to resolve the issues. In the case of nonfiction, many of our publishers are offering unlimited, simultaneous access to ebooks. They recognize that ebook usage is governed by math and statistical probability.

SLJ’s 2011 Leadership Summit a Huge Hit

“The entire initiative was accomplished via my blog, Twitter, and Facebook,” all because she had existing relationships in these communities, explains Snyder. “I wasn’t just shouting into the void—I was asking my friends for help.”

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: Cynthia Sanner & Erin Sullivan, GALE Cengage Learning

cynthia sanner

As more books go digital, librarians will occupy more of the training and coaching role. Today’s librarian will need to excel at training users on how to use databases, eReaders, tablets and mobile.

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: John Williams, Follett Library Resources & BWI

The management of digital resources requires a selection and evaluation process by a professional who’s involved with integrating technology into teaching and learning. We see examples of this change underway in lots of libraries today.

Link: MediaPost Publications Do Teens Dream Of Electric Sheep?

Just as their adult counterparts, smartphone-powered teens are evolving before our very eyes into savvy shoppers, location-aware consumers, and mobile addicts.

Link: Bookless Library Trend: Designing Space for Digital Learning

“The library is a societal tent pole,” says Michael Connelly, best-selling author of The Fifth Witness. “There are a lot of ideas under it. Knock out the pole and the tent comes down.”

Link: Wisconsin Preserves Low-Cost Broadband for Schools, Libraries–for Now

Hundreds of Wisconsin school and public libraries narrowly avoided paying more for Internet service when state lawmakers reached a budget agreement last week to save WiscNet, a nonprofit cooperative that provides low-cost broadband service.

Link: J.K. Rowling to Sell Harry Potter Ebooks From New Website


Ebook versions of the best-selling Harry Potter series will be available starting in October on a new website called “Pottermore.”