December 10, 2022

Perseus Marketing Exec Rick Joyce on Crafting a Digital Book Strategy

Rick Joyce head shot

SLJ spoke to the publishing exec, Rick Joyce of Perseus Books, about the changes that are rocking the world of children’s and teen books—and how libraries, publishers, and authors can navigate them successfully.

Penguin’s Ebook Decision Has Chilling Effect on School Libraries

girl with ereader and headphones

Penguin’s suspension of Kindle access to its titles for libraries reaffirmed one librarian’s decision to go the public domain route, rather than spend money on titles only to have the rights potentially taken away.

Dramatic Growth | LJ‘s Second Annual Ebook Survey

We knew ebooks were booming in libraries, but now the 2011 Ebook Penetration & Use in U.S. Libraries Survey, just released by Library Journal and School Library Journal, confirms just how big the boom is. The answer: BIG, but with lots more uptake to go and some telling holdouts as the market and models take shape.

Librarian-Publisher Dialog: Katie Dunneback Talks to Josh Marwell of HarperCollins

To his credit, Marwell has made himself highly visible at regional and national conventions in the wake of the 26 loan cap announcement (he was also the only publisher to respond to Francine Fialkoff and Brian Kenney’s editorial last fall about ebooks in libraries).

Link: Go To Hellman: What’s a Book Worth?

Imagine you’re an author of a book that was published a few years ago, but you’ve retained ebook rights. Someone wants to be able to give away digital copies of the book for free to an unlimited number of readers. What sort of fee should you demand?

Publisher-Librarian Dialog | Natural allies in the book world

While the American Library Association (ALA) appoints task forces on ebooks that get mired in bureaucracy, the real worlds of book publishing and libraries move ahead rapidly, both struggling with budgets, changing mission, even survival.

LJ: New Statistics Model for Book Industry Shows Trade Ebook Sales Grew Over 1,000 Percent

A new annual survey of the total U.S. book publishing industry released today shows growing revenue and, even without numbers from 2011, exponential ebook sales.

Link: Industry Sales Rose 3.1% in 2010; Trade E-book Sales the Big Winner

Total book publishing revenue rose 3.1% in 2010 to $27.9 billion and posted two-year growth of 5.6%, according to figures released Tuesday by BookStats, the joint AAP, BISG program developed to create a comprehensive analysis of industrywide sales.