December 6, 2022

Follow the Conference Hashtag: My 10 Favorite Tech Tools for Educators

Sarah Ludwig, dean of digital and library services at the Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, CT, keeps up with tech tools by osmosis—and by following conference session hashtags on Twitter and watching resources stream by. Here are her 10 current favorites.

Next Year’s Model? Readers sound off on SLJ’s cover story

Letters poured in and comments lit up Twitter and Facebook over School Library Journal’s April cover story on tech coordinator Sarah Ludwig. The debate was less about technology than job title.

Sarah Ludwig’s Picks: Top Tech Tools

“What are your go-to applications?” SLJ recently posed the question to Sarah Ludwig, tech coordinator at Hamden Hall School in Connecticut, and the subject of our April 2012 cover story.

Next Year’s Model

Sarah Ludwig left the library, became a tech coordinator, and forged a path to the future. SLJ’s cover story.