December 7, 2022

Auto-Graphics Adds Self-Publishing Tool to Library Software

Self-publishing via libraries is a hot topic these days. Califa is partnering with Smashwords to allow order cialis overnight its patrons to self-publish. A few public libraries have brought in Espresso Book Machines and seen the demand for self-publishing dwarf print-on-demand. Jamie LaRue and David Weinberger call on libraries to be a platform for self-published […]

To Remain Relevant, Libraries Should Help Patrons Create

In the not-so-distant future, communities could view their local libraries as the place to go when they want to publish their own ebook, create and edit their latest song or video, or even design and print out plastic tools, toys, and prototypes. A growing number of libraries already offer their patrons tools such as recording equipment and sound and video editing software. Now, some are beginning to house 3D printers. In fact, many libraries have begun viewing such services as a core part of their mission.

Making the Shift: A School Librarian Considers the Douglas County Ebook Model

The ability to stream all of my library’s digital content for students and staff to access on a range of personal devices–that’s my dream, writes Phil Goerner. At Douglas County (CO) Libraries they’ve made it a reality.

Espresso Print-on-Demand Book Machines Making Inroads at Public Libraries

Darien Library, CT, launched a new Espresso Book Machine (EBM), which can print and create a bound book in a matter of minutes, during its annual meeting on October 30. The Sacramento Public Library, CA, will soon launch its own EBM. They’re two of only three public libraries in the country currently providing the fee-based print-on-demand service to patrons—but if the service catches on, it could be the first step in establishing public libraries as a center for on-demand book printing and self-publishing.