November 30, 2022

Product Watch: A Look at Four Mobile Offerings

In this installment of Product Watch, LJ looks at a selection of four different mobile products and services, and how libraries will be making use of them now and in the future.

Q&A: SirsiDynix CEO Bill Davison on Social Networking, Self-service, Mashups, and Ebooks in Libraries

At LJ’s Virtual Tech Summit, “Power to the Patron: From Systems to Services,” held on December 8, librarians and tech experts took on an array of topics facing libraries, including social networking, self-service, mashups using application programming interfaces (APIs), and the future of integrated library systems (ILSs). Library automation company SirsiDynix was a platinum sponsor of the summit, and LJ asked its CEO, Bill Davison, to weigh in on the issues.

SirsiDynix Unveils New Texting ILS Feature, and New Headquarters

Library automation company SirsiDynix yesterday announced the release of the latest version (3.4.1) of its flagship Symphony integrated library system (ILS), notably adding the ability for libraries to send SMS text messages.

SirsiDynix Releases Android and Customizable Versions of BookMyne App

Library automation company SirsiDynix unveiled the newest version of its BookMyne mobile app (3.0) yesterday, adding Android device support. The company also announced BookMyne+, a version of the app that can be customized for a fee.

SirsiDynix Names New Director of Product Management

New hire Ranny Lacanienta, formerly of Brigham Young University’s library, will oversee ILS product strategy.