November 29, 2023

Power Tumbl’ng: Why Tumblr Is a Great Way to Reach Teen Patrons

Tumblr can be a successful way to connect to new and diverse audiences, provided you understand who you’ll be attracting to your site and how to use Tumblr to your advantage. Should libraries and librarians use Tumblr? Teen librarian Robin Brenner says yes, and explains why.

Tumblrarian 101: Tumblr for Libraries and Librarians

For libraries, Tumblr is a free marketing tool—and depending on how much effort you want to put into crafting code or purchasing a theme, your Tumblr blog can look as professional as a your library’s website.

There are some specific steps you can take to attract an engaged readership (i.e. followers). It can be a slow first few months as you accumulate an audience and discover where you fit into the community, but the investment is worth it. Here’s a few guidelines to consider.

Our Favorite Tumblrs: LJ and SLJ’s Tumblrs-in-Chief Share Choice Follows with a Library/Literary Flair

So many fun Tumblrs out there, not the least of which—dare we say—are our own. House Tumblrs-in-chief, Chelsey Philpot, associate editor, School Library Journal Book Review, and Molly McArdle, assistant editor, Library Journal Book Review, share a few of their favorite sites.

Top Tech Trends for Teens

Educational consultant Linda W. Braun cites the hottest applications and how to use them to engage teens.