February 7, 2023

Resources for Digital Learning



Technology integration isn’t confined to a single 24 hours, of course. To help inform your practice on Digital Learning Day and beyond, we offer related stories featured in SLJ and the Digital Shift, including the insight and expertise of Joyce Valenza, Richard Byrne, and other contributors.

Key topics of interest among our users? Research, apps, and the best Web-based tools.


An Alternative Search Tool for Your Tablet

Wikivoyage launches Web Search: What’s Common Crawl All About? 

Advanced Power Searching with Google 

Model Library Curriculum shared on our PA DOE portal by Joyce Valenza

Kathy’s updated assessments

New from Pew: How Teens do Research in the Digital World 

EasyBib’s New Extensions: two/too “easy buttons”?

UN History Project launched

My secret search/curating weapon

Crowdsourcing the Past – Georeferencing Website Puts Historic Maps in their Place | LJ INFOdocket

Why hair salons need to curate



Ebook toolkit: Easy-to-Use Applications for Creating Your Own

Get to Know Goodreads: Share this primer to the social reading site and help teachers and kids connect with great books

Ebook toolkit: Cool Tools for Multimedia Publishing

Kids’ Ebook Reading Nearly Doubled Since 2010, Scholastic Reading Survey Finds

School Library Thrives After Ditching Print Collection

Ebooks 2013: New leasing models, cheaper devices, more content 

Libraries Use iPads and Apps to Ramp Up Storytime, but Concerns Remain

Boundless as a free text option

A Tale of Two Apps: Classic Picture Books into Digital

Ebook Toolkit: SLJ Reviews StarWalk Kids


Common Core:

Planning Common Core Lessons?: Free, Web-based applications can help align your plans with the new standards 

The LC does CCSS

Exploring Common Core’s Informational Text… with Violent Video Games 



Annotate the Web with Popcorn Maker | screencast tutorial

Make Your Own Infographics | Screencast Tutorial

Making the Most of Video in the Classroom

The Best Sites for Collaborative Online Studying

Master the Web with Browser Add-ons 

The “Cheap and Cheerful” Librarian, Melissa Techman, Shares Tips on Pinterest 

U.S. State Department Launches Online Game to Aid English Learners

Hot Topic at Midwinter: Library Maker Spaces, Ideas for Cheap, Hands-On Fun

Mobile Apps Make Student Assessment Easy and Interactive

How would you fill an Edcanvas?

Zeen for digital magazine creation

Four tools for determining web cred

Comics Generators and Literacy: Edtech and Nontech Insights from Bill Zimmerman

Please Take This, Copy It, Use It, Improve It: A Digital Fandom Checklist 

Webliography: Online Tools for Learning Languages on the Web | LJ INFOdocket

Melissa Techman presenting at the SLJ Summit


SLJ’s Top 10 Apps: 2012 

Best of Apps & Enhanced Books

A (LONG) List of Recommended Apps

Global Issues, Digital Perspectives 

On Stage with London’s Philharmonia Orchestra 

BiblioBoard’s Curated Collections for the iPad

SLJ’s Top 10 Apps: 2012 


Big picture:

CES 2013 Top Trends for Schools: From adaptive ebooks to crowd-funded technology, products to look out for

The League of Extraordinary Librarians: SLJ’s latest tech survey shows that media specialists are leading the way 

Media Literacy, Powerfully: A Model for School Librarian and Classroom Teacher Collaboration 

MOOCs for kids too




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