July 4, 2022

Manage the Device Deluge | Professional Development

Librarians have always taught patrons how to use the tools that serve their information needs. We had to explain card catalogs, vertical files, microfilm/fiche, photocopiers, and OPACs. The fundamental difference about the tech needs of the 21st century is the ever-changing variety of personal devices that patrons use to access our services. Some libraries are lucky enough to have dedicated staff with special training to serve these patrons directly, but most of the time it’s a library generalist fielding question after question about something new every day. How do frontline staffers with self-taught or very basic knowledge of technology stay savvy about the latest and hottest gadgets? How do we train nontechnical staff to troubleshoot effectively and train our patrons to use their own gadgets?

Next Year’s Model? Readers sound off on SLJ’s cover story

Letters poured in and comments lit up Twitter and Facebook over School Library Journal’s April cover story on tech coordinator Sarah Ludwig. The debate was less about technology than job title.

Former CNET Reporter Logs Her First Year as a School Librarian

With a degree in engineering, former CNET editor Margaret Schoen brings a unique background to her new role as library teacher at a Massachusetts elementary school