June 20, 2018

Royal Society, Scientific American Make Historical Archives Available Online


Two interesting scientific journal archives have recently become available online.

The Royal Society historical journal archive became permanently available as of October 26, and the Scientific American archive back to 1845 (volume 1, issue 1) became available starting today on nature.com. Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group’s consumer media division.

The Royal Society collection offers about 60,000 historical scientific papers which are now accessible via a fully searchable online archive, with papers published more than 70 years ago freely available.

Items in the archive include Isaac Newton’s first published scientific paper, geological work by a young Charles Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin’s account of his electrical kite experiment.

The Scientific American collection includes original reports of Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone, Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb, and coverage of New York City’s first subway. Access to the 1845-1909 archive (about 75,000 articles) will be free until the end of November, after which site license access can be purchased.


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Michael Kelley is the former Editor-in-Chief, Library Journal.