November 28, 2022

Highlights of Highpoint (Public and University Library)

The morning after Charlotte we drove over to Highpoint and visited both the University and Public Libraries. We took way too many videos than we could ever have time to edit and publish but these are some of our favorites.

High Point Public library
This library has a great teen space called the Teen Garage. The teens are able to write on the walls in dry erase markers, there is a space for gaming, and great light with comfortable seating. Its called the garage because of a real working garage door that separates it from the rest of the library.

One of the great features of the Public Library is the drive-thru window that lets patrons pick up holds and drop off materials in the bookdrop without ever getting out of their cars.

Highpoint University Libraries
David Bryden introduces us to the Library on one of the most college campuses I have ever seen at High Point University. David talks about his library’s use of Worldcat Local and what he can provide to his students.

David Bryden Talks to us about the Digital DVD Collections at HighPoint University Library that it uses for its course reserves and provides to its students for free.

While on the third floor of the gorgeous Highpoint University Library, David took a couple of minutes to talk to us about the library’s use of Open Library and the Internet Archive

We visit the Highpoint Public Library and Lisa Carlucci sings us through the drive thru. Patrons can drive up to this window and pick up holds while they’re on the run and drop off materials at the book drops.

Patrick "PC" Sweeney About Patrick "PC" Sweeney

Patrick Sweeney is Branch Manager of the East Palo Alto and Portola Valley libraries in the San Mateo County Library System. He received his MLIS from San José State University and has loved every second of living in California. He is excited about this trip because he has no idea how the East Coast works and is completely excited to meet all the good folks on the right coast. You can find any of his library related brain droppings online by Googling pcsweeney.