September 27, 2016

Updated ClassDojo App Lets Teachers Collectively Respond to Student Behavior


ClassDojo, the free application for recording and managing student behavior, has been updated. As of today, ClassDojo sports a new “Class Sharing” feature, allowing multiple teachers to communicate more easily about their students’ behavior and collectively foster behavioral development, the company has announced.

Teachers love ClassDojo, according to SLJ Cool Tools columnist Richard Byrne, who’s says the tool enables educators to easily track class attendance, take notes on student behavior, and offer real-time positive reinforcement for good behavior in the classroom.

The update reflects educators’ response to the app, its developers say. Many teachers know students individually, and “Class Sharing” now allows them to pool observations, offer consistent feedback across classrooms, and support students together.

ClassDojo provides students with “visual and audio feedback triggered using a smartphone, tablet, or computer,” the developers note. “It engages parents and students to effect changes in behavior outside of the classroom as well.”

The updated Dojo has two settings, “full access” and “read only.” With “full access,” different teachers can work together on their feedback to students. Teachers can use “read only” to share behavioral progress in their class with administrators and other teachers.

“Real-time reinforcement of positive behavior, especially when provided consistently by all the people who care about a student, influences future behavior and makes a lasting impact on a child’s development,” adds Sam Chaudhary, co-founder of ClassDojo and a former teacher, in the announcement.

The company is offering a limited number of updated ClassDojo ’early access’  slots to teachers.

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