September 26, 2016

Notes From the 2011 Ebook Summit

Sharon Moreland, Technology Consultant for the Northeast Kansas Library System, attended and took some impressive notes during today’s virtual summit, Ebooks: The New Normal, including these highlights from Library Journals’ VP, Group Publisher Ian Singer’s presentation of data from our hot-off-the presses 2011 Ebook Penetration & Use Reports:

Devices ebooks are read on

  • 108% expected increase in eBook circulation, 43% in schools and 17% in Academic (without some of the biggest publishers).
  • Preloaded ereading devices are the growing trend
  • ePub and dedicated readers are the preferred format
  • Adult fiction, best sellers, adult nonfiction are most popular, growing popular = children’s books
  • At schools, it’s children’s nonfiction and children’s fiction are most popular, with graphic novels represented, as well.
  • Academics use ebooks for Reference
  • Increase in ebook request from users? 660% increase of YES in publics
  • Onward buying of all things “e” expected in the next five years, most for Academics.
  • Most prevalent model is one use, while most preferred license model is max access, unlimited circs and patron drive acquisition
  • For the libraries who are not going to carry ebooks  48% will be adding in the next 2 years, 33% of publics say purchasing ebooks isn’t a priority and only 6% reported taht they WON’T offer eBooks.
    • Why not?  cost, not sure which platform will come out on top.
    • Public frustration with lack of availability, long holds, difficulty to use and lack of platform support (Kindle)
  • Growth in number of libraries offering a digital collection link to their web site went from 52% to 87%.

Twitter was also ablaze as the #ebksmt hashtag stayed active throughout the day as attendees shared their favorite quotes and insights.

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We’ll have more coverage from the summit over the next couple of days, but be sure to check out these posts from earlier today, too:

If you attended, let us know what your favorite highlights were in the comments, or via email.

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