May 24, 2018

SLJ’s Best Books 2011: Twitter chat and a sneak peek at our December cover


Dec 1 Update: The Best Books are posted.

SLJ’s book review editors will take to Twitter today, Tuesday, November 29 from 4-5pm EST for an informal chat about Best Books. The hashtag is #SLJBB11

Editors Trev Jones, Luann Toth, Daryl Grabarek, Chelsey Philpot, Marlene Charnizon, and Henrietta Thornton will discuss:

  1. This year’s trends (fewer dead protagonists, dystopian’s still strong, and what’s up with picture books)
  2. Their process (how they decided the final 60+—and all got out alive)
  3.  Personal favorites
  4. Your questions (Ask the editors. Anything, ask them)


Throughout the conversation we’ll reveal a good bit of our Best Books list.


Here’s the cover by Maurice Sendak, per our annual tradition, based on the theme of stars:


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  1. Pamela Zendt says:

    When you say this year’s trends, do you mean 2011 or 2012?