May 24, 2022

Digital Learning Day: Honoring Innovative Tech in Libraries


To mark Digital Learning Day, we’d like to spotlight the work of librarians who are making a difference, leveraging technology and digital content to enhance learning. Below you’ll find examples of their work covered in School Library Journal and here on The Digital Shift, along with links on topics of particular interest to our users: ebooks and apps.

The New York Times Learning Network, Figment, and the National Writing Project are among those offering resources and ideas on integrating digital content for DLD and beyond. And Education Week has a listing of state events.

Warren Buckleitner helps patrons of the Mediatech lab at the Flemington (NJ) Library.

Best Practices: Technology in the library

Hooray, we’re mobile! Our new app. NeverEndingSearch

With Ebooks, Students Come First

Kindles Attract Reluctant Readers at CT Elementary School

Librarian Serves up ‘Appy Hour’

Webinar Tackles a Conundrum for Kids and Educators Alike: Research Skills

Libraries, Museums Receive $1.2 Million in IMLS Grants to Build Teen Learning Labs 

School Librarian Hosts Tutorial on Ebooks

Gifts for the Library: Choice gadgets for ramping up service in 2012

School Librarians’ Role in ‘Crap Detection’ Cited

‘Tis the season for lists (and I love it!)  NeverEndingSearch

With a Little Help from Twitter: Cash poor, librarian Keisa Williams turns to DonorsChoose and social media

Curation, the musical!  NeverEndingSearch

Curation is the new search tool NeverEndingSearch

A few good scoops for us  NeverEndingSearch

Ready to Go Mobile?: It’s time for schools to leverage student devices 

Ebook Collections: Two Stories

Game Station: Spare funds and some hand-me-down desktops have turned a forgotten room at the Flemington Library into tech central 

ISTE 2011: Put On Your ‘Big Girl Panties’

Librarian Creates Guide to the Common Core Standards

Two for the Road: A pair of librarians take their collaboration into the summer to keep kids reading 

Kidlit World Says: “It Gets Better”

A Facebook Fit for Einstein

SLJ’s 2011 Technology Survey: Things Are Changing. Fast.

Manicured and ready at an ISTE 2011 session. Photo by Diane Cordell



Information/media literacy

Keep Good Searches from Going Bad

Librarians Turn Wikipedia Blackout into Teachable Moment

Facebook & admissions & e-reputations NeverEndingSearch

Share with school leaders: Douglas Reeves video  NeverEndingSearch

The Sony Debacle: A Teachable Moment 



Top 10 Apps of 2011

YALSA App ‘First of Its Kind’ for Discovering Teen Books

In Paris with a Murderess

“App Store” for Teachers: APPitic

Quixey and other app finding tools

All a Twitter About Apps

Teacher-Made Apps. No Code Required.


Love technology, hate technology

YouTube for Schools Offers a Remedy–and Underscores Ongoing Filter Issues

AASL Conference 2011: Taking on Nicholas Carr

SLJ’s Top Ten 2011: Technology 

Letters: For a technology user, a love of print endures

‘Siri, You’re Stupid’: Limitations of artificial intelligence baffle kids who expect more 

Poor Kids Experience “App Gap,” Says Study

Hacking Education

Is Tech Hurting Us? Meditation can help.

danah boyd Keeps Sexting Front and Center

Letters: Technology Overload Redux 



Apple Launches Textbooks, Digital Publishing Tools 

Fine. I Got an Ereader. Now What? A newbie to digital reading gets his first Kindle

Apple Launches Textbooks, Digital Publishing Tools

Gluejar to Make Soft Launch of Website at ALA Midwinter

Google ebooks get “notable” NeverEndingSearch

Penguin’s Ebook Decision Has Chilling Effect on School Libraries

School Library Journal Reviews the Nook Simple Touch and the Kobo eReader Touch

Transmedia Trailblazers: SLJ Reviews Six Multiplatform Titles

Read Beyond the Lines: Transmedia has changed the very notion of books and reading

LJ/SLJ Ebook Summit 2011: “Don’t Buy Ebooks”

LJ/SLJ Ebook Summit: More School Libraries Offer Ebooks; Increased Demand, Rise in Circulation

Make Your Own Ebooks

Are Ebooks Any Good? 


Web resources

YALSA Offers Video Training on Teen Services

Visual Storytelling Site Cowbird

The King Center Archive Goes Live!  NeverEndingSearch

Cool Tools: Digital Aids for Staying Organized

Resource Pick: The Encyclopedia of Life

Fifty Ways to Leave Your Term Paper/Book Report & Tell Your Story  NeverEndingSearch

Cool Tools: Visual presentations make it easier for students to tackle data and difficult text 

Tools for Tackling Plagiarism

Best Web Tools for Brainstorming


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Kathy Ishizuka (, @kishizuka on Twitter) is Executive Editor of School Library Journal.


  1. The amount of technology that we have should not be limited to the people innovating, but also the learning and educated children, who are going to be our leaders.