September 22, 2023

Inspiring videos from a Visit to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

We spoke to Michael at the Charlotte Mecklenburg library about the library’s impact on his life. He told an amazing story about how the Library’s Job Help Center helped him improve his digital literacy, create resumes, and ultimately help him find a job. Just one more example of the importance of libraries and digital literacy.

Later in the day we spoke to Rosalee Williams about how she uses the library to improve her life. She told us about the kinds of trainings she received at the library that helped her find work and improve her life.

Before we walked over to the Charlotte library we stopped for our first meal of the Roadshow for a quick meal at the Harvest Moon Grille. The food was amazing and we had a chance to talk to some locals about the library.

This one is Lisa Carlucci talking to Jill.

Patrick "PC" Sweeney About Patrick "PC" Sweeney

Patrick Sweeney is Branch Manager of the East Palo Alto and Portola Valley libraries in the San Mateo County Library System. He received his MLIS from San José State University and has loved every second of living in California. He is excited about this trip because he has no idea how the East Coast works and is completely excited to meet all the good folks on the right coast. You can find any of his library related brain droppings online by Googling pcsweeney.