May 24, 2016

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Building a Better Programming Widget and Job Center Stats: Great Library Roadshow Travelog #1, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

After meeting at the Charlotte Airport in the morning, we headed straight to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (CML) for our first stop in to chat with librarians and a number of users.

Inspiring videos from a Visit to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

During our visit, we had the chance to talk with a number of local residents and library users about the impact the library has had on their lives.

Michael Lambert, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, and SMCL

I (PC Sweeney) Interviewed my new deputy director who just happens to come from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.  Before going to Charlotte, he worked in San Mateo County Library as the manager of the library branch that I am now the manager of.  He spent about 5 years in Charlotte so he knows all about […]