November 30, 2022

Official Itinerary for the Great Library Roadshow


Scheduled stops on The Great Library Roadshow include:

Charlotte, NC (Charlotte Mecklenburg Library)
High Point, NC (High Point Public Library, and High Point University)
Richmond, VA (Richmond Public Library)
Baltimore, MD (Visiting with Jonathan Rochkind, developer at Johns Hopkins University)
Newark, DE (University of Delaware)
Philadelphia, PA (Free Library of Philadelphia)

We have our itinerary set — see above (and map below) for the official stops we’ve got lined up for the Great Library Roadshow, where we’ll be taking a break from the road to chat with librarians and users. Hello Charlotte, High Point, Richmond, Baltimore, Newark, and Philly!

We’ve gone for a solid mix of library types and user populations, including public libraries large and small, along with a variety of academic libraries in order to get as broad a take on innovative services and developments geared toward lots of different user populations.

The response so far has been amazing, and we’re truly grateful to the many folks who reached out to us offering not only hospitality but lots of local takes on big ideas.

Lisa, Patrick and I are also excited to spend some meal times chatting with more librarians at the meet-ups scheduled along the route — see Patrick’s recent post for the details on those evening events.

Would that we had all the time in the world for this roadshow. This is the kind of trip that could easily span weeks and yet still not be an exhaustive look at the many examples of library ingenuity out there. But the stops listed below are some of the finest we could ask for, and I have no doubt that the hours we have available to us with be filled with more ideas than we’ll know what to do with.

For those who aren’t anywhere near the libraries we’re visiting or the meetups we’re having — stay tuned via this blog, via Facebook, and via the #libshow hashtag, and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see or hear from us.

See you on the road in just a few days!

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About Josh Hadro

Josh Hadro (; @hadro on Twitter) is Executive Editor of Library Journal.


  1. Hi there. Great to see libraryfolks touring :) We are organizing an unconference for 100 participants called “Cycling for libraries” ( and will travel from Riga to Tallinn in June+August. Last year we bicycled 650km from Copenhagen to Berlin. So great to be on the road and see local colleagues in their natural habitat, and get away from institutions, auditoriums, libraries and powerpoints, and search for new methods of collaboration with friends.

    Travelling is such an empowering and inspiring method, and metaphor that it’s just incredible what can be made with it.

    Please bring my special love to Charlotte-Mecklenburg, me and Matti Lassila implemented te 23 things -concept here in Finland and enjoyed every second of it!