March 28, 2023

Top SLJ Comments of the Week


From School Library Journal‘s Battle of the Kids’ Books and The Hunger Games to the latest on ebooks—they giveth Harry Potter and they taketh away—a lot went on this week. Here’s a taste of the feedback we saw on, The Digital Shift, Twitter, and Facebook.

Lauren Barack’s personal essay “Why I’m Taking My Fourth Grader to See The Hunger Games” drew plenty of opinion and some parental advice:


Reactions to the film buzzed on Twitter. Among our favorites:


A Facebook fan shared an event they held to celebrate Hunger Games. Thoughtful and fun ideas:


Meanwhile, fans braved the rollercoaster of emotion that is BoB. And they reacted via Twitter:



Few words were used in response to OverDrive’s suspension of Harry Potter ebooks to libraries. Still, they speak volumes about where we stand. “Erg,” indeed.

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