September 30, 2022

The “Cheap and Cheerful” Librarian, Melissa Techman, Shares Tips on Pinterest



Melissa Techman rescued some discarded monitors to repurpose for library signage.

Need some great ideas? Head over to School Library Journals Pinterest page, where you’ll find a range of tips for your classroom or library, courtesy of our guest pinner, Melissa Techman.

In her presentation at SLJ’s recent Leadership Summit in Philadelphia, the self-described “cheap and cheerful” librarian demonstrated a knack for innovation that derives variously from personal resourcefulness, a scarcity of funds, and her vast and wide-ranging Twitter network.

Whether for enhancing classroom spaces or engaging kids in learning activities that touch on technology integration and literacy, Techman, a K–5 librarian at Broadus Wood Elementary School in Albemarle County, VA, has a wealth of ideas to share.

On the “Cheap and Cheerful Tips” page, you’ll find:

Post holidays, Techman approaches her local Starbucks, which gave her this piece, which she uses to hold “reader’s advice” cards.

But there’s more to it than stuff, of course. Techman has driven a long-range plan to recast her library as “a learner-centered space,” she said at the summit. And with a purpose: “When you honor the interests of your users, they can make the connections [to books],” she says.




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