May 19, 2024

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Matt Enis (; @matthewenis on Twitter) is Associate Editor, Technology for Library Journal.


  1. Thanks so much to Matt for this wonderful exposition, but I did want to correct a few factual errors (wish I’d had the opportunity to do so before it went live!). The Text Creation Partnership ( is run SOLELY by the University of Michigan Libraries. I’m not sure how the OED got in there, Matt, but I think what I said is, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could search all of EEBO by word? then we would have an OED that REALLY told us the first time a word was used. Second, the TCP has had to pay a lot of money to have the texts double-keyed at a particular percentage rate of correctness. The partners of the various phases of EEBO and the partners for the TCP-ECCO project have contributed. Hand-typing text is always far more expensive than OCR’ing, but the problem is getting OCR to work, the point of the eMOP project. I think the notion of volunteers working on typing may be connected to our crowd-sourced correction tools which will help correct errors made by the OCR engines. We are building those as well as part of the eMOP project. Thanks again, Matt, for all your hard work.

  2. Matt Enis Matt Enis says:

    Hi, Prof. Mandell,

    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve changed that graf and updated the story. Sorry I missed your comment earlier and didn’t see until today. I was out of the office on Monday.

    Thanks for your time!