December 10, 2022

Matt Enis About Matt Enis

Matt Enis (; @matthewenis on Twitter) is Associate Editor, Technology for Library Journal.


  1. Adam Edwards says:

    Are EBSCO talking to Proquest? I need Summon to effectively search the EBSCO full text resources which we buy from them. When is this going to happen? Business solutions asap please!

  2. Access to the metadata should be a general policy of any editor. This gives them the opportunity to increase their global visibility and impact rates. We hope this policy provides for the possibility of integration with great services like Summon from Serials Sollutions (currently our University use Summon and we have had numerous problems due to limited access to EBSCO metadata) and Google for the case of Link Resolvers.

    Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia.