September 26, 2023

Ebooks Take Hold in Schools—Slowly

EBooks-THinkstock_ebook_image-300x199Sixty-six percent of schools nationwide offer ebooks, up from 54 percent in 2013, and overall, the figure is steadily growing, according to School Library Journal’s fifth annual “Ebook Usage in U.S. School (K–12) Libraries” report.

While ebook collections in school libraries have grown between 2010−2014, with growth projected to continue, the median number of ebooks per school remains low at 189 titles in comparison to 11,300 print books in a school collection.

The slow growth of ebook adoption in school libraries is attributed to limited access to ereading devices and cost of ebooks, according to the report, released in October 2014 and sponsored by Follett. Low ebook usage is also due to user preference for print books, lack of student awareness of ebook availability, and lack of training about the downloading process.

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  1. No big surprise, Carolyn, or. e-Books are handy, easy tho handle and you can export your text marker. Makes it much easier to work with for school kids.