November 30, 2022

Librarian-Publisher Dialog: Jim Carmin Talks to Dennis Johnson of Melville House

Check out this newest entry in a continuing series of Librarian-Publisher dialogs from Library Journal: You can accuse the publishing industry of many things, but just don’t call it boring. Developments like Amazon’s purported ebook loaning library leave many collection development professionals feeling winded and powerless. Our new Librarian-Publisher Dialog series aspires to reduce that angst by […]

Librarian-Publisher Dialog: Katie Dunneback Talks to Josh Marwell of HarperCollins

To his credit, Marwell has made himself highly visible at regional and national conventions in the wake of the 26 loan cap announcement (he was also the only publisher to respond to Francine Fialkoff and Brian Kenney’s editorial last fall about ebooks in libraries).