September 22, 2023

Barbara Genco

About Barbara Genco

After a long career in collection management at Brooklyn Public Library, and a decade as their Director of Collection Development, Barbara Genco joined Library Journal in fall 2009 as Editor, Collection Management. Follow her on Twitter @BarbaraAGenco.

LINK: Survey Says Library Users Are Your Best Customers via PW

A groundbreaking new study shows the value of libraries to the book and the ebook business. Publishers Weekly’s Andrew Albanese reports on Library Journal’s newest Patron Profiles research effort in conjunction with Bowker PubTrack Consumer:  This month Library Journal released the first issue of a quarterly publication called Patron Profiles. Based on surveys and data […]

Link: What happens to books when the Kindle is free? — Tech News and Analysis

Based on the consistent and gradual declines in Kindle prices, some have speculated that Amazon could soon offer them for free, sponsored by advertising or other similar deals. Which raises an interesting question: What would free e-book readers do to the book industry?

Link: Supreme Court copyright case will decide fate of millions of once-public works – The Washington Post

“This case raises the question, ‘What is copyright really for?’ ” said Golan’s attorney, Anthony Falzone, of the Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society. “Is it just something that benefits authors, or is it something that benefits society?”

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: David Burleigh, OverDrive

“Libraries will serve in the same role they always have: As curators of information for their communities. Librarians are ‘information specialists’ and they will continue to connect readers with all forms of reading. Patrons will come to libraries for recommendations of what to read next and to find and discover relevant information.”

Link: The Rise of the Zuckerverb: The New Language of Facebook

“When we started,” Zuckerberg explained, “the vocabulary was really limited. You could only express a small number of things, like who you were friends with. Then last year, when we introduced the Open Graph, we added nouns, so you could like anything that you wanted.”

Link: Privacy advocates want Facebook probed on recent changes

he group’s complaints about Facebook’s adoption of frictionless sharing for some applications and the start of Timeline, an updated profile that makes a user’s entire history on the site easily viewable at once, reveal a fundamental divide on the nature of sharing data online.

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: Scott Wasinger, EBSCO Publishing

Scott Wasinger, EBSCO

The next big innovation to impact the ebook landscape should be broad availability of text books in electronic format once a business model is reached that publishers can be comfortable with. In the meantime, consolidation of eBook companies and increasing competition is driving innovations for better eBook products and services for libraries.

Link: Amazon and OverDrive Roll Out Kindle Books to Libraries

The long-awaited rollout, first announced in April, will end the notable absence of the popular Kindle device from library ebook lending.

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: Rich Rosy, Ingram Library Services

Libraries must develop the right models and collaborate with the right partners to be able to deliver content to their patrons in the correct formats on the devices of choice.

Link: Netflix and Libraries: You Are What “Your Users” Think You Are, Not What You Think You Are – Library Hat

But we separate them for the efficiency of ‘our’ operation. Users pay by being forced to take an additional step. Probably a decision as bad as Netflix and Qwikster.