January 27, 2022

Ryann Uden and Shaun Kelly on “Active Learning in the Library” | TDS14

In “Active Learning in the Library,” presented as part of LJ and SLJ’s virtual event The Digital Shift: Libraries @ the Center, held October 1, Ryann Uden and Shaun Kelly provided advice and suggestions for creating learning environments in libraries, based on Barrington Area Library’s successful model in Chicago.

Making Space for Creativity

The Barrington Area Library, IL, is relatively small in size but that hasn’t stopped it from developing a one-computer digital media lab of its own.

In 2009, library staff began dreaming of how to help patrons create and communicate using various platforms and tools. In 2010, this dream took form but not in the way it was expected. The idea evolved from providing one basic Apple computer in youth services to converting a study room into an all-ages media lab. It has been used 493 times since November 2010.