November 30, 2022

Mary Lee Schneider to Head Follett Corporation

Mary Lee Schneider becomes president and chief executive officer of Follett Corporation. Schneider’s appointment has important implications for the elementary and high schools that rely on Follett for their print and digital learning materials.

Q&A: Follett Library Resources Director of Digital Products John A. Williams on Ebooks in preK-12

John A. Williams, director of digital products for Follett Library Resources, discusses the growing role that ebooks are playing in preK-12 education as part of a series of Q&As leading up to “The Digital Shift: Libraries, Ebooks and Beyond,” LJ’s third annual ebook summit on Wednesday, October 17.

Ebook Marketplace Q&A: John Williams, Follett Library Resources & BWI

The management of digital resources requires a selection and evaluation process by a professional who’s involved with integrating technology into teaching and learning. We see examples of this change underway in lots of libraries today.