December 10, 2023

iVerse To Launch ComicsPlus: Library Edition | ALA Annual 2012

iVerse, a digital comics distributor, is debuting a library version of its ComicsPlus app, the company announced at ALA, during the inaugural reception for the Will Eisner Graphic Novel Prize for Libraries. The app is the brainchild of Josh Elder, president and founder of the non-profit Reading with Pictures, who will serve as service manager. […]

Digital Comics in Libraries: Q&A on Library Edition from ComicsPlus, and Keeping Tabs on Cost Per Circ

The nonprofit Reading With Pictures (RWP), helmed by the ebullient Josh Elder, has partnered with digital comics distributor iVerse Media to set up ComicsPlus: Library Edition, a new service allows libraries to circulate a wide selection of digital comics with both user-friendly and library friendly features.

Librarian-Publisher Dialog: Martha Cornog Talks to Bob Harras of DC Comics

DC Comics logo

The archetype-defining DC Comics has relaunched its entire superhero universe, crystallized in the “New 52” series that started last month. This includes well-known characters that have been around for decades, like Batman and the JLA team (Justice League of America), as well as lesser-known or newer characters like Mister Terrific and Batwing. What’s more, DC went to simultaneous release for all 52 in both print and digital formats. We caught up with DC Editor in Chief Bob Harras about the series and what it could mean for libraries.