August 13, 2022

Califa Lands $325,000 in Funding for Ebook Ownership Project; Deal Close With Smashwords

The San Mateo-based Califa Group, which is the largest library network in California, has made major strides in its project to create an ebook ownership model along the same lines as the Douglas County Libraries in Colorado.

Kansas State Library Partners with Bilbary

The state library of Kansas will partner with ebook startup Bilbary, according to Publishers Weekly, adding a link on its website for patrons who want to buy ebooks. The move follows a meeting between Tim Coates, founder of Bilbary, and the four state librarians who constitute the ebook task force of the Chief Officers of […]

Tiny Public Library in Kansas Uses Digital Projects to Stay Relevant

A small public library in central Kansas is strengthening its ties to the community by actively digitizing local history and memories.