May 21, 2018

As University of Pittsburgh Wraps Up Altmetrics Pilot, Plum Analytics Announces Launch of Plum X

The University of Pittsburgh recently wrapped up a pilot test with Plum Analytics, one of several new companies in the emerging field of altmetrics. By examining how often a paper is downloaded, mentioned in the news, or linked to on social media sites, altmetrics providers offer researchers, funding agencies, and librarians a more immediate, quantifiable view of the impact an article is having on its field.

University of Pittsburgh First Adopter of Plum Analytics for Research Output

Plum Analytics—the altmetrics startup that aims to assess the real-time impact of academic research using sources ranging from Twitter, social networks, and presentation sharing sites to code source repositories and grant funding data—has announced that the University of Pittsburgh Library System (ULS) has become the first to use the company as a provider of aggregated open metrics for the university’s research output.