December 10, 2022

Patrons Frustrated With Publisher Policies, Even as Ebook Use Grows Rapidly | Patron Profiles Fall 2012

Readers are continuing to experiment with ebooks, and the pace at which they are adopting the format is increasing, according to the forthcoming edition of LJ’s Fall 2012 Patron Profiles survey. The Patron Profiles Fall 2012 report contains detailed data on ebook user demographics, device preference, preferred reading formats, library visitation trends and shifts in onsite use, patron book and ebook acquisition trends, opinions on the possibility of libraries selling ebooks, a section on self-publishing trends, and more.

Patron Preferences Shift Toward Streaming

Library DVD borrowing has fallen sharply during the past year, and library users are rapidly migrating toward streaming services for both music and movies, according to the July 2012 edition of LJ’s Patron Profiles, which examines trends in Media Consumption and Library Use. DVDs are the top format for films loaned by libraries, and 27 percent of respondents said that libraries remain their primary source for movies—down from 36 percent in the first Patron Profiles survey, conducted less than a year ago. “A strong indicator of the changing media landscape is the rise of streaming and disc-by-mail services—both currently dominated by Netflix,” the report states.

How Do Power Patrons Use Your Website and Virtual Services? | Patron Profiles

“Library Websites and Virtual Services,” LJ’s latest report in its ongoing Patron Profiles series, found that libraries’ most devoted e-users aren’t choosing using the web over coming to the library in person. Rather, they are choosing to do both.

Panelists Say Libraries are Perfect Ebook Partner for Publishers | IDPF Digital Book Conference

Libraries are a key sales channel for booksellers, and could be very valuable customers to publishers that are willing to sell or license ebooks to them, agreed a group of panelists during the June 4 “Libraries and Ebooks” session at the International Digital Publishing Forum 2012 digital book conference, co-located with BookExpo America at New York’s Jacob K. Javits Center.

Libraries Still an Important Discovery Source for Kids’ Books, Says Study

When it comes to finding out about good books for children and teens, there’s more to it than Amazon. Bookstores and libraries are still very important in discovery, according to a recent Bowker study.

What Patrons Teach Us—and Publishers Should Learn

A new report from LJ indicates that it is vital for libraries to connect with digital patrons, especially ebook readers, and satisfying their expectations has a meaningful upside for both the library users and the publishing community.

Random House Reaffirms Commitment to Library Ebook Lending While Raising Prices to Wholesalers

Random House

After an “upbeat and productive” meeting with leaders of the American Library Association on Tuesday, Random House reaffirmed its commitment to library lending of the company’s entire portfolio of ebook titles. At the same time, the company has announced that effective March 1 it is raising ebook prices that it charges library wholesalers such as OverDrive, 3M, and Ingram, which set the ultimate price libraries will pay to lease ebooks.

To Attract Parents and Kids, Libraries Should Think Mobile

Public libraries hoping to attract more children and teens, as well as their parents, would do well to focus on mobile technology.

Penguin Further Narrows Library Access, Suspending Availability of Audiobook Titles

After deciding in November to end public libraries’ access to its new ebook titles, Penguin Group withdraws audiobook titles as well.

LINK: Survey Says Library Users Are Your Best Customers via PW

A groundbreaking new study shows the value of libraries to the book and the ebook business. Publishers Weekly’s Andrew Albanese reports on Library Journal’s newest Patron Profiles research effort in conjunction with Bowker PubTrack Consumer:  This month Library Journal released the first issue of a quarterly publication called Patron Profiles. Based on surveys and data […]