December 7, 2022

Amazon Expands Content on Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, Subscription Service Aimed at Parents

Amazon Kindle’s FreeTime Unlimited, a subscription service geared for parents, has added 1,000 books, games, educational apps, movies, and TV shows to its offerings for children since its launch six months ago.

Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet: An educator weighs the pros and cons

Which is the better color touch-screen device? Jeff Hastings stages a tablet shoot-out in his video review.

Going Mobile: Key issues to consider for schools weighing BYOD

No doubt, 2011 was the year of the tablet; now we’ll see those devices go to school. BYOD (bring your own device), holds great potential but needs serious consideration before it can be implemented.

Kindle Fire’s User Experience Disappoints, Notably with Reading

Amazon’s Kindle Fire offers “a disappointedly poor user experience,” according to usability expert Jakob Nielsen, principal of the Nielsen Norman Group (NNG).

SLJ’s Top Ten 2011: Technology

These picks aren’t so much about products, things you should run out and buy, but rather the overarching concepts that’ll potentially shape and be shaped by our collective imagination.

Penguin’s Ebook Decision Has Chilling Effect on School Libraries

girl with ereader and headphones

Penguin’s suspension of Kindle access to its titles for libraries reaffirmed one librarian’s decision to go the public domain route, rather than spend money on titles only to have the rights potentially taken away.

Authors Guild Weighs in on Amazon Lending Library

The Authors Guild called Amazon’s recently launched ebook lending library a “mess” and claimed that Amazon appeared to breaching contracts with some publishers by including their titles in the lending program.

Link: What happens to books when the Kindle is free? — Tech News and Analysis

Based on the consistent and gradual declines in Kindle prices, some have speculated that Amazon could soon offer them for free, sponsored by advertising or other similar deals. Which raises an interesting question: What would free e-book readers do to the book industry?