December 6, 2022

The HP Chromebook 11 Has Strength and Charm | Test Drive

With its clean, kid-friendly design and cheery accent colors, the HP Chromebook 11 could fit nicely into K–12 classrooms and libraries, writes Test Drive reviewer Joelle Alcaidinho.

Meet the Chromebook: Is the Samsung Google OS laptop fit for school?

With school-friendly features, including all-day battery life and a lease-to-own option, the Samsung Series 5 holds potential for 1-1 computing. Jeff Hastings runs down the considerations for deploying Chromebooks in a K-12 setting.

Libraries, Chromebooks, and Google Apps

Whether Chromebooks will catch on in libraries remains to be seen, but Google Apps, the free-to-use cloud-based suite of office tools at the heart of the Chromebook, has been making inroads in libraries for years, due in part to its relatively low cost compared to Microsoft Office.