December 10, 2023

Get Teens Interested in Digital Preservation

With Digital Preservation Week nearly upon us, here’s how to entice a group that can be slow to embrace the idea—–teens—to pick up the gauntlet.

Pew Study Shows Teens’ Social Media Use Rising, Race Affects Habits

Teen on mobile device

Teenagers are revealing more about themselves on social media than ever before, but they’re also taking more steps to protect their privacy online, according to “Teens, Social Media, and Privacy,” a May 21 report issued by Pew Internet. The report also found Twitter use among teens—especially African Americans—is rising, while teens’ fondness for Facebook is on the decline.

Pew Study: 37% of Teens Now Have Smartphones

Smartphone adoption among American teens has increased substantially in the past year, and one in four teens now connects to the internet primarily on mobile devices, according to a national technology-based report from the Pew Research Center.