December 7, 2022

Pew Study Shows Teens’ Social Media Use Rising, Race Affects Habits

Teen on mobile device

Teenagers are revealing more about themselves on social media than ever before, but they’re also taking more steps to protect their privacy online, according to “Teens, Social Media, and Privacy,” a May 21 report issued by Pew Internet. The report also found Twitter use among teens—especially African Americans—is rising, while teens’ fondness for Facebook is on the decline.

Librarians Take Aim at Pew Study on Parents and Libraries

Pew study graphic

A recent national report from the Pew Research Center that stated that most parents consider libraries important for their children has attracted some criticism from the library community, which is concerned that the findings are based on a skewed sample and put too much emphasis on reading.

Pew Study: Why Parents Love Libraries

The vast majority of parents with children younger than 18 feel libraries are very important for their kids, leading to higher-than-average use of a wide range of library services, a new national report from the Pew Research Center shows.

Pew: Younger Americans Reading More

According to Younger Americans’ Reading and Library Habits, from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 83 percent of Americans aged 16-29 read a book in the past year, compared to 78 percent of all Americans over 16.

Pew: Patrons Still Don’t Know Libraries Have Ebooks | ALA Annual 2012

Of Americans aged 16 and over, only 2 percent have borrowed an ebook from a library in the past year, The Pew Internet Project announced today at the American Library Association conference in Anaheim, CA. Although the numbers are higher for ebook readers, they’re still small: only 12 percent have borrowed an ebook from the […]

Library Users Like Ereading, But Ebook Readers Want To Buy Books, Pew Study Finds

According to studies released today by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, only 14 percent of readers got their most recent book from a library. Among ereading device owners the numbers were even lower, at 10 percent. However these figures vary dramatically by demographic: 37 percent of 16- 17-year-olds got their most […]

Ebooks Trump Print—Except When It Comes to Reading to Kids

People seeking quick access and portability prefer ebooks, according to a national study on ereading released today by Pew. But when it comes to reading to children, print wins out—big time.

SOPA Is Top Story for Young People

Young people under 30 followed protests over SOPA more closely than news about the upcoming presidential election, according to a recent Pew Research Center study.

School Libraries Grapple with Surge in Ereaders

School librarians are seeing kids toting ereading devices in greater numbers—and they plan to take advantage of the post-Christmas phenomenon.