December 1, 2022

Librarians Take Aim at Pew Study on Parents and Libraries

Pew study graphic

A recent national report from the Pew Research Center that stated that most parents consider libraries important for their children has attracted some criticism from the library community, which is concerned that the findings are based on a skewed sample and put too much emphasis on reading.

Cleveland Public Library Hires Buffy Hamilton, the Unquiet Librarian

Buffy Hamilton, best known as the Unquiet Librarian, will soon be joining the Cleveland Public Library. Starting next year, Hamilton will become CPL’s Learning Specialist and will work to engage Cleveland’s patrons, from students to the greater public, through “library-supported communities of participatory learning.”

School Librarians’ Role in ‘Crap Detection’ Cited

The crisis of information literacy is getting some wider attention. In the November 2011 Wired, Clive Thompson cites the work of school librarians Frances Harris and Buffy Hamilton in building search skills among so-called digital natives.